Controlling Humidity of Indoor Air for Healthy Living

How good are HVAC systems for humid environments?  This is a question that is often asked by many who want to know the impact of HVAC systems that operate in humid climates. It is needless to say that the indoor air quality that is circulated inside a confined space by HVAC system is dependent on the quality of outside air. This happens because the system sucks the outside air for circulating it indoor after adjusting its temperature to the desired level so that it is comfortable for the inhabitants. However, the system does not alter the quality of air. So, if the outside air is humid, the same level of humidity will be transmitted indoor. This is a concern for those who suffer from breathing problems like asthma as they would prefer less humid air to ease their respiratory problems.

Indoor air quality control

Those who are concerned about the indoor air quality and prefer to have proper control on the humidity of indoor air that comes from the HVAC system, there are ways of achieving it. The first thing is to change the HVAC filters regularly so that these are not choked. To keep humidity within control, it is recommended to use dehumidifiers with the HVAC system so that the moisture level in the air can be regulated and kept within the limits that are favourable for those suffering from asthma. How dehumidifiers can improve the health conditions has been stated below.

Inhibiting the growth of moulds

Moulds can be deadly in spreading respiratory problems and are particularly dreaded by those suffering from asthma.  Moulds thrive in moist environment and can even thrive in areas with low humidity. If you are living in an area of high humidity and want to have healthy indoor air quality then you have to install a dehumidifier with your air conditioning system.  This would enable you to regulate the moisture content of the indoor air at such levels that inhibit the growth of moulds thereby bringing relief to those suffering from respiratory problems.

Driving away mites

Fabrics are favourite places or mites that make beds, pillows and sofas their home. These insects are fond of humid environments and pose serious problems for those suffering from respiratory difficulties by aggravating their problems. When the humidity level of indoor air is kept low by using dehumidifiers, the menace of mites is completely eliminated. Regular vacuuming of beds and furnishing along with periodic washing will ensure that mites do not get any opportunity of survival.

By installing dehumidifiers, there is absolutely no chance of high humidity levels because the equipment is designed specifically to lower humidity by absorbing the moisture from the air that is released into the air conditioning system. As the equipment does not interfere with the functioning of the air conditioning system but works alongside it, you can expect the air conditioning system to operate at peak efficiencies despite installing a dehumidifier.

For those living in high humidity areas, installing dehumidifiers would ensure healthy and comfortable living.

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