Facts That You Would like to Know about Wi-Fi Thermostats

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and similar communication devices are now being used to control the functioning of climate control equipments, home appliances and electronics as well as security systems like CCTV.  Using the internet, equipment and machinery controls are now possible from any place regardless of the distance. The Wi-Fi thermostat is the latest accessory that belongs to this category that has enhanced the functioning and control of HVAC systems. The thermostat that used to control the temperature only has now been upgraded to a more sophisticated device that can control the operations of the HVAC system thereby enhancing its efficiency. Users are able to access more data regarding energy consumption and exercise better control that leads to cost savings.

WiFi Thermostat

Climate control system based on Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi thermostat is more than a thermostat whose basic function was to set the temperature at a desired level and control it within the limit. The latest version is considered to be the part of a complete climate control system that comprises of the following.

  • Sensor unit – The function of the sensor unit is to gather information and pass it on to the receiver. This unit is located at places where the traditional thermostat would have been placed. The information collected by the sensor is passed on to the receiver.
  • Receiver or receiving unit – Located near the cooling or heating unit, the receiver performs the controls of the system. The information collected by the sensor is converted to signals that are relayed to the receiver. On receiving the signals, it is analysed to understand what action needs to be taken and the signals are converted to mechanical energy that is used to switch on or off the HVAC system.
  • Wireless Unit – The wireless unit is the communication device that hooks up the system to the internet through a modem. The unit receives power from the electrical system and this small palm-sized handheld device resembles a remote control unit of standalone air conditioners.

Wider functionalities

Besides improving comfort level by controlling the temperature, these systems are capable of improving the efficiency of the system and facilitate handling of routine maintenance tasks.

  • Programming the control features – The kind of temperature settings that you intend to have during the entire week including what you want during different times of the day can all be set in the form of a program in advance and fed to the device that starts operating at the stipulated time according to the instructions. Even it is possible to have different temperatures in each room.
  • Control within your reach – The Wi-Fi technology allows you to access the control of your HVAC system from any part of the world. You are always in touch with the system and can exercise precise control that can save cost.
  • Added features – Problems with the HVAC system are notified by e-mails sent to your communication device so that you can take prompt action to save cost.

Considering the cost saving benefits and enhanced comfort and efficiency, it is an investment worth considering.

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