Meeting the Challenges of Diverse Comfort Levels with HVAC Zoning

The feeling of comfort when moving around an air conditioned space can vary widely between people. One person might feel that the temperature of the place could have been more comfortable had it been slightly cooler while the person sitting next to him might be squeaking at the chilling feeling. The lady in the kitchen wants to find more relief from the relative heat by lowering the temperature while her better half sitting in another room could be reaching out for warm covering to feel more comfortable at the same temperature. The variation in the comfort level can lead to disputes that tarnish the home environment. The problems have occurred only because the thermostat of the air conditioning system can be set at one fixed temperature that prevails throughout the entire home. Since the need for comfort varies between people, having multiple temperature zones inside the building can solve the problem and make everybody feel comfortable and happy.

Options for temperature control

  • Traditionally, the temperature settings of the heating and cooling system inside a building used to be done by using thermostats that can be set at a defined temperature to be maintained throughout the building. It is like a one size fits all solution that contradicts the variable comfort levels that people desire. This did not allow variations of temperature at different places inside the building thereby affecting the comfort levels.
  • Moving forward, the dual AC and heating systems allowed maintaining comfortable temperature at a specific place inside the building where the family gathers at a specific time of the day while the other areas are kept out of the purview of temperature control. This is especially useful for larger homes where there are separate floors. By cooling or heating specific floors when the other areas are cut-off, it helps in saving costs.
  • More improved method of spreading better comfort across homes that can satisfy varying needs is now achieved by adopting the zoning system for HVAC that allows maintaining different temperature zones within the same level across different rooms or areas. Besides providing differential comfort levels, this method also saves cost.

Working methodology

The temperature zoning system works by using multiple thermostats placed at different zones, each of which can be adjusted to different temperatures.  The control of flow of hot or cold air through the ducts by adjusting the dampers is achieved by using a control panel to which the thermostats are connected. By varying the temperature and air flow to different zones at the same time, varied levels of comfort can be generated.

If you want to  raise the temperature of one zone without affecting the temperature of the other zones, you simply have to adjust the thermostat of that zone so that the control panel receives the signal and make adjustments in the ducting to effect the change. As soon as the desired temperature is reached the heating is stopped automatically.

It is now easy to address your comfort needs by upgrading your existing system or buying a new one that incorporates the new technology.

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