Proper Maintenance Enhances the Efficiency of Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are costly investments that one has to safeguard by careful maintenance. Besides annual maintenance, which is undertaken by all, there should be a plan for preventive maintenance so that the unit is under close watch. This would enable identification of potential problems that can be set right before it can become big. Wear and tear is bound to happen but staying vigilant can help to avoid instances of downtime. If you have regular maintenance done for the system then you can avoid component failure, which can take much longer time for repair. Regular maintenance will also help to avoid many repairs that can adversely affect the efficiency of the system.

Prepare for the season

The season that is approaching would dictate what kind of maintenance you need for your system. With summer on the wane and the fall just peeping round the corner, it is time that you would love warmer interiors and the heating system would be working hard to keep you smiling and comfortable.  Looking at the signs of the approaching fall, make sure that you find a suitable service provider to look after the HVAC system. After all, you not only want the system to run smoothly but it should run efficiently too so that the home gets heated quicker but your pockets are not strained by inflated energy bills. Proper maintenance of HVAC system would reduce wear and tear that results in longer life. Besides checking the operations of the compressor and other components, the maintenance program would include cleaning of the blower components and coils, checking of all screws and fittings and electrical connections tightening. The furnace, in case you have one, has to undergo safety check.

Mandatory checks and cleaning

There are some fixed repairing agenda that has to be undertaken at the end of each season so that the system is geared up to take the load of the entire season without giving in.

  • Coils to be cleaned – Cleaner coils are required to ensure that the air conditioning system can operate efficiently. Throughout the season the coils gather a lot of debris and dust that forms an insulating layer on its surface thereby reducing its ability to transfer heat. As a result there are possibilities of the inside portion of the system freezing which reduces the efficiency of the system. The system is overworked that causes more damage to the parts and you pay more for energy bills. Coil cleaning is the most fundamental maintenance work that is done.
  • Sealing leaks – Refrigerant escaping through leaks is common for any air conditioning system. This affects cooling and can make the system inefficient. During maintenance, all possible leakage points have to be identified and sealed besides topping up the system by pumping fresh refrigerant.
  • Cleaning condensate drain – During the cooling process condensation happens on the evaporator coils and the condensate is drained through an opening. This opening gets clogged that has to be cleaned during maintenance.

Proper maintenance gives long life to air conditioning systems and makes it perform efficiently.

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