Wi-Fi Thermostats Improve Control, Efficiency and Savings of HVAC Systems

The thermostat can be considered to be the heart of any air conditioning system. How much cooling or heating is required for comfort is conveyed to the system by the thermostat that can be set at the temperature desired by the user. The human need of comfort in terms of the desired temperature is communicated to the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System by the thermostat that can be set at the required temperature manually. When the system receives the input from the thermostat, it makes necessary adjustments of the heating or cooling devices so that the temperature of the air that flows through the ducts is altered accordingly, thereby giving necessary comfort. The performance of an air conditioning system can get severely affected if the thermostat starts malfunctioning as it affects the efficiency of the system.

HVAC Systems

How the thermostat works

Thermostats are usually manually controlled from the control panel of the air conditioning system.  The desired temperature is set on the display unit of the control panel and the signal is transmitted by the thermostat to the system. Instantly the settings of the heater or the cooling system are changed to match with the new settings. Once the desired temperature is achieved, the thermostat automatically stops the system from further cooling or heating so that the same level of temperature is maintained. When the temperature overshoots the set limit, the thermostat switches on the system again so that it again maintains the set temperature.

Wi-Fi thermostat

Traditional thermostats have manual controls that use sliders and dials. These do not allow the amount of control that is necessary to reap the benefits of an efficient heating and air conditioning system. There are chances that the heating or cooling system might be left switched on unknowingly on certain occasions and you have to bear the cost of idle running. This problem can be avoided by using programmable thermostats but the best option is to upgrade to a Wi-Fi thermostat the promises energy saving, cost saving and improved system efficiency. The main advantage is that the Wi-Fi thermostat can be operated remotely even from a tablet or smartphone. There are many more advantages that have been discussed below.

Advantages of Wi-Fi thermostat

The latest technological development in climate control technology used for HVAC systems has presented us with the Wi-Fi thermostat that promises multiple benefits.

  • Remote operation – The option of using a mobile app to operate the thermostat has given a lot of flexibility to users who can now access the system from a distance beyond home. This allows switching the system on before reaching home so that you get a comfortable environment as soon s you step in.
  • Gets acquainted with your preferences – The settings that you prefer and use are easily recognised and retained in the memory of the thermostat and are easily replicated.
  • Better control – The phone application offers better control of energy usage as the data is readily available to assist you in deciding the running time of the system and temperature settings.

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